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SPS RSS RS71 Reject Sheet Selector
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RS Reject Sheet Selector is used to work with an SPS High Speed Fully Automatic Cylinder Screen Printing Machine, run synchronously linked, diverts the normal printed / abnormal print-rejected sheets (saves time with no post sorting), further highlights German SPS’s lineage classic advantages: highest ever run speed, printing accuracy, user friendly operation convenience and comfort.

• Added after a SPS Cylinder Screen Printing Machine, before a Dryer.

• Selects sheets delivered from Screen Printing Machine: those printed are delivered to Dryer after, those skipped by the no-print function of the press or rejected are diverted out and collected.

• Speed matches screen printing machine ahead, max. 4000 cycle/h x1(single-flow) = 4000 p/h, x2(twin-flow) = 8000 p/h. (max. sheet: single-flow 750x1100mm / 520x500mm x1, twin-flow 520x500mm x2).

• Conveyor at infeed end may fold down, provides service access between screen printing machine ahead.

• Sensor-controlled in-time opening/closing of diverting gate.

• With sheet diverting guide devices.

• Collector tray may be pulled out along slide rails, for easy removal.

• Switches + graph/text display touch screen operator interface, linked and automatically synced by host SPS Printing Machine ahead, for user-friendly operation.

• May be modified for twin-flow process.

• Max sheet width: 41" (1060mm)
• Max speed: 4,000/hr
• Length: 6'1" (1850mm) (including fold-down belt)
• Width: 5'9" (1750mm)
• Height: 3'5" (1050mm)
• Modified for twin-flow process (works with up-/down-stream equipment).

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