ATMAOE 1014 OPTO-electronic High Precision Screen Printer

OPTO-electronic High Precision Screen Printer

Suitable for high precision screen printing on film/flat thin plate/glass, such as Touch Panel, Electroluminescent (EL), Light Guide Plate (LGP), Diffusive Panel, and much more.

  • Semi-automatic or optional three-quarter automatic machine, with sliding (vacuum) table on high grade linear bearings. Designed for easy selection of ascending and descending lay-stops for 3-point substrate register. Optional rear or side take-off available.

  • Colored HMI digital touch screen panel provides user-friendly control functions to display, set parameters, and save and restore (100 groups), facilitating extremely short setup times.

  • Digitally adjustable squeegee pressure and squeegee pressure compensation assures consistent and uniform printing deposits.

  • Vertical frame lift by accurate and lockable 4-post system for even ink flow.

  • Safety devices with emergency-stop button, error diagnostics, and restoration systems.

  • Greater control over the screen printing process with an unobstructed view of important printing parameters such as off-contact, peel-off, squeegee / flood settings, ink well area and view of substrate.

Specifications ATMAOE 1014 Metric ATMAOE 1014 Unit Conversions
Dimensions (WxDxH) 148cm x 272cm x 335cm 58¼" x 107⅛" x 131⅞"
Weight 1,920 kg 4,233 lb
Substrate thickness 3mm - 8mm ⅛" - ⅓"
Working table height 980+20mm 38⅝"+¾"
Max. O/D frame size 1500mm x 1900mm 59" x 74¾"
Working table size 1250mm x 1600mm 49¼" x 63"
Vacuum area 1000mm x 1400mm 39⅜" x 55⅛"
Max substrate size 1000mm x 1400mm 39⅜" x 55⅛"
Min substrate size 600mm x 600mm 23⅝" x 23⅝"
Vacuum hole diameter ø1.5mm ø0.059"
Cycle Speed 420 p/hour (non-stop, full speed, full stroke) 420 p/hour (non-stop, full speed, full stroke)
Air source 6.3-7.7 kg/cm² 90 - 110psi
Air consumption (per cycle) 4.15 liters 1 gal
Power consumption 6.2 kW 6.2 kW
Power source 3∮,380V/440V,50/60Hz 3∮,380V/440V,50/60Hz
Squeegee traveling direction left to right left to right
Printing head carriage driven Servo motor + hollow shaft gear box Servo motor + hollow shaft gear box
Squeegee speed 25~625mm/sec 1"~24⅝"/sec
Max. print area 1000 x 1400 mm 39⅜" x 55⅛"
Print head skew angle ±4° ±4°
Distance between squeegee / floodcoater 45mm 1¾"
Squeegee pressure 3-62 kg 6.6 lb ~ 136.7 lb
Flood coater pressure 3-62 kg 6.6 lb ~ 136.7 lb
Squeegee skew angle 20±15° 20±15°
Flood coater skew angle 45±15° 45±15°
Max screen frame O/D size 1500mm x 1900mm 59" x 74¾"
Min screen frame O/D size 1100mm x 1300mm 43¼" x 51⅛"
Screen frame height For the convenience of our customers, ATMA prepares all machines sold through RH Solutions
to accept roller, diamond chase, and stretch and glue frames with heights 28mm - 52mm (1.1" - 2").
Screen micro adjustment X / Y / Z X±10mm, Y±10mm, Z±2mm X±⅜", Y±⅜", Z±⅛"
Peel-off height 0 ~ 35mm 0 ~ 1⅜"
Screen cleaning level 350mm 13¾"

Innovative Design

Adopted with high strength four post cylinder locking structures, precise guiding registering system control machine running smooth and silent/high printing pressure, make even and precise printed thick film.

Famous Brand and Best Quality of Elements

Control air devices, linear transmission motor, electrical control units, are adopted European and Japanese world wide famous brands, provides high performance, long life and high accuracy.

Fast Setting

To be able to store and download multi adjusting and setting parameter decrease the time of installation/increase production ability.

Convenience Operation

Colored human-machine interface digital control system, with multi functions, convenience operation, digital controlled constant print pressure ensure the best printing quality, meet digitalized/standardized/humanized requirements.

Perfect Safety Guard System

Adopted with Emergency Stop Push Button / Safty Bar / automatic error detecting / safty origin returned system, protect operator  away from dangerous.

Optional equipment

Dripless device,Automatic pop-up pins,Clean roller unit, Static eliminator.