OPTO-electronic High Precision Screen Printer

Suitable for high precision screen printing on film/flat thin plate/glass, such as Touch Panel, Electroluminescent (EL), Light Guide Plate (LGP), Diffusive Panel, and much more.


  • Semi-automatic or optional three-quarter automatic machine, with sliding (vacuum) table on high grade linear bearings. Designed for easy selection of ascending and descending lay-stops for 3-point substrate register. Optional rear or side take-off available.

  • Colored HMI digital touch screen panel provides user-friendly control functions to display, set parameters, and save and restore (100 groups), facilitating extremely short setup times.

  • Digitally adjustable squeegee pressure and squeegee pressure compensation assures consistent and uniform printing deposits.

  • Vertical frame lift by accurate and lockable 4-post system for even ink flow.

  • Safety devices with emergency-stop button, error diagnostics, and restoration systems.

  • Greater control over the screen printing process with an unobstructed view of important printing parameters such as off-contact, peel-off, squeegee / flood settings, ink well area and view of substrate.

• Smooth Movement: Substrate is moved by sliding table and offloaded by vacuum pad.

• Energy Saving: Efficient electro-dynamic design with extremely low air exhaustion results in significant energy savings.

• The control system for compressed air supply is an oil free FRL unit to prevent oil mist pollution, particularly applicable in clean room environments.


• Accurate Positioning: Screen up/down structure is driven by German motor on high-lead ball screw rod and encoder with digital control. Movement is fast, smooth, and silent, with positioning accuracy ±0.05mm.

• Horizontal head lift keeps screen parallel with printing table for even ink flow.


• Stable & Precise: Shuttle table is driven by servomotor with timing belt for stable movement and highly accurate positioning.
• Hydraulic Buffer: Hydraulic buffer and electromagnet ensures shuttle table positioning accuracy within 5µm.
• Vacuum Suction: Silent vacuum system holds glass substrate during sliding table movement and printing.
• Efficient Design: Eight pop-up pins facilitate manual loading and prevent scratching of glass substrate while loading.

• Table Surface: 12mm thick aluminum alloy with hard anodizing treatment to prevent scratches.

• Optional Slotted Table: Table can be slotted for zero off-contact printing, customized for glass substrate size for quick positioning.

• Fast Registration: Exclusive software for automatic registration controls 3 servomotors to rotate printing table u/v/w axis for fast and accurate displacement and registration.

• CCD Camera Registration: Optical alignment system can automatically judge and control displacement of printing table. High precision mechanism and fully automatic printing table alignment system can achieve alignment repeatability accuracy of ±5µm. Alignment speed < 1.5 second/piece including target acquisition, alignment, and verification.


• Convenient Access: Cylinder-driven Up/down movement of squeegee and flood-coater allows easy access for screen frame loading/unloading and ink cleaning.

• Smooth Movement: Printing head stroke is driven by Japanese DC motor with encoder along a linear guide rail for stability and accuracy throughout the print stroke.

• Wide range of adjustable parameters: Squeegee angle is adjustable, as is depth of squeegee and flood-coater.


• Frame Width Detector: Screen outer width can be automatically detected, and printing stroke will be adjusted accordingly to avoid crashing into screen frame and frame holder assembly.

• Easy Adjustment: Strong, rigid screen frame holder is designed for standardized screen frame sizes. Adjustment of frame holder cantilever is easy and fast.

• Fast Loading/Unloading: Pneumatic screen clamps and 3 movable registration knobs enable fast loading and unloading of screen frame.

• Adjustable Screen Lifting: Digitally controlled servo peel-off distance of start/end point can be set relative to image size, with variable speed and height control. Touch screen setting of this print parameter can be stored, saved, and recalled for repeat jobs and/or common applications. Reduces setup and changeovers.


• HMI Touchscreen: 5.7” + 15” color touch screen panel. Detailed function setups can be accessed, and parameters can be saved and recalled. Enables digital process management and quick job setups.

• Digital storage: Alignment data and parameter settings can be saved in flash memory of machine or any other media on network.

• Language Selection: Chinese or English interface can be selected.

• Protective Cover: Touch screen is protected by transparent cover to avoid damage.


• Computer-controlled Optical Alignment System: Industrial computer with Windows OS drives 3-axis servo system for fast and accurate alignment.

• High Resolution CCD: High resolution CCD enables high magnification of live target for analysis and comparison.

• CCD Cameras: 4 CCD cameras 130mm above table can have positions independently adjusted by operator.


• Vacuum Pad Offloading System: Moves substrate automatically to IR dryer without marks or damage from handling.


• Error Message Display: Upon operation error all movement is stopped. An error message will be displayed and restart icon will appear on the touch screen.

• Emergency Stop Device: Equipped emergency stop button and safety bars immediately halt all motion when activated.

Specifications ATMAOE 1014 Metric ATMAOE 1014 Unit Conversions
Dimensions (WxDxH) 148cm x 272cm x 335cm 58¼" x 107⅛" x 131⅞"
Weight 1,920 kg 4,233 lb
Substrate thickness 3mm - 8mm ⅛" - ⅓"
Working table height 980+20mm 38⅝"+¾"
Max. O/D frame size 1500mm x 1900mm 59" x 74¾"
Working table size 1250mm x 1600mm 49¼" x 63"
Vacuum area 1000mm x 1400mm 39⅜" x 55⅛"
Max substrate size 1000mm x 1400mm 39⅜" x 55⅛"
Min substrate size 600mm x 600mm 23⅝" x 23⅝"
Vacuum hole diameter ø1.5mm ø0.059"
Cycle Speed 420 p/hour (non-stop, full speed, full stroke) 420 p/hour (non-stop, full speed, full stroke)
Air source 6.3-7.7 kg/cm² 90 - 110psi
Air consumption (per cycle) 4.15 liters 1 gal
Power consumption 6.2 kW 6.2 kW
Power source 3∮,380V/440V,50/60Hz 3∮,380V/440V,50/60Hz
Squeegee traveling direction left to right left to right
Printing head carriage driven Servo motor + hollow shaft gear box Servo motor + hollow shaft gear box
Squeegee speed 25~625mm/sec 1"~24⅝"/sec
Max. print area 1000 x 1400 mm 39⅜" x 55⅛"
Print head skew angle ±4° ±4°
Distance between squeegee / floodcoater 45mm 1¾"
Squeegee pressure 3-62 kg 6.6 lb ~ 136.7 lb
Flood coater pressure 3-62 kg 6.6 lb ~ 136.7 lb
Squeegee skew angle 20±15° 20±15°
Flood coater skew angle 45±15° 45±15°
Max screen frame O/D size 1500mm x 1900mm 59" x 74¾"
Min screen frame O/D size 1100mm x 1300mm 43¼" x 51⅛"
Screen frame height For the convenience of our customers, ATMA prepares all machines sold through RH Solutions
to accept roller, diamond chase, and stretch and glue frames with heights 28mm - 52mm (1.1" - 2").
Screen micro adjustment X / Y / Z X±10mm, Y±10mm, Z±2mm X±⅜", Y±⅜", Z±⅛"
Peel-off height 0 ~ 35mm 0 ~ 1⅜"
Screen cleaning level 350mm 13¾"