SPS STK AS57 Automatic Sheet Stacker


Automatic Sheet Stacker

STK AS57 Automatic Sheet Stacker
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The SPS® AS Automatic Sheet Stacker runs synchronously linked with an SPS High Speed Fully Automatic Cylinder Screen Printing Machine and features the German-engineered SPS lineage's classic advantages: highest ever run speed and printing accuracy, with operational convenience and comfort.

• Lined up after Feeder, Press, and Dryer, completing the fully automatic process line.

• High-speed stacks sheets (flexible) after printing and drying.

• Maximum speed of 4,500 p/h matches the throughput of units ahead.

• Maximum sheet size: 22”x30” (550x750mm).


Component Speed Synchronization:

The SPS® synchroline system with automatic belt speed synchronization between the print line components guarantees sheet transition from pile to pile without flutter and friction.

• Infeed conveyor with adjustable vacuum to hold sheets down on conveyor, for sure transition
• Auto stop/flap pile guiding for orderly stack-up--registered to pallet edge, may be directly shifted to next process.
• Pile guides can be flexibly adjusted to match varying sheet sizes.
• Physical switches + touch screen operator interface, for convenient and quick operation.
• Control linked to Printing Machine, may remotely control Start/Stop of Printing Machine from Stacker end.
• With surveillance mirror.
• Max sheet size: 22" x 30" (550x750mm)
• Max per hour: 4,500 sheets
• Anti-static device, eliminates static charge on plastic sheets, for smooth run.
• Camera + monitor screen surveillance system.

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