Computer-to-Screen Systems

engineered by Hans Lüscher

DROP Phoenix Computer-to-screen system

Digital direct to screen production

State of the Art UV Laser Curing with lensed focus stacking for unmatched control of curing process and deposit thickness at the finest detail level, with close tolerance results unavailable from any other screen production technology!
Phoenix Computer-to-Screen

Phoenix – Exposing system

DROP presents Phoenix UV-LASER with 96 laser digital direct imaging for high quality printing plates for almost any printing process such as screen printing, offset as well as film imaging. Phoenix is the future-proof solution for the production of high-quality printing plates for industrial applications with optimum efficiency. The unique Laser & DMD exposing system guarantees, mainly for the production of coated screens, producible qualities with reliable service time in the printing press. The Laser exposing system with HD DMD enables a perfect surface and depth of cure hardening of the screen emulsions used. The EOM values remain largely stable before and after processing.

Efficient and safe production

Laser spectral wavelength (405 nm) with DMD and the high-resolution Zeiss optic system hardening in a parallel exposure passage. This represents an enormous advantage when working with thick layers. The optical lens system guarantees optimum sharpness for print sharp edges.

DROP Phoenix Model Dimensions
Phoenix 800 Phoenix 1000 Phoenix 1400
Specification Metric US Standard Units Metric US Standard Units Metric US Standard Units
Machine dimensions (WxDxH)
w/o input table
1,670 x 1,790 x 1,000 mm 1,870 x 1,790 x 1,000 mm 2,270 x 1,790 x 1,000 mm
Machine dimensions (WxDxH)
with input table
1,670 x 1,790 x 1,610 mm 1,870 x 1,790 x 1,840 mm 2,270 x 1,790 x 2,160 mm
Speed @ 2540 dpi max. horizontal speed 240 mm/s; writing width 18,2 mm
(The maximum speed depends on the application)
Media 96 x UV LASER 405 nm or 2 x 96 UV LASER
Resolution 2400 / 2540 dpi or 5080 dpi (opt. other resolution)
Imaging Area 600 x 800 mm 800 x 1,000 mm 1,150 x 1,400 mm
Auto focus system Automatic predictive auto focus
Auto focus calibration yes
Media specific vacuum and register system in the combination on request yes
Positioning +/- 1μm
Environment 18°C – 28°C / 40% - 60%
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz (1/N/P) or optional 110 V
External Air Supply no
Option mechanically adjustable Z-axis (for special screen frames)
Approvals/Conformities CE