SPS FVR EP71 Rear Pick-up Feeder

SPS FVR EP71 Rear Pick-up Feeder
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Rear Pick-Up Feeder

Model FVR EP71

Automatically feeds sheet stock into SPS® STOP Cylinder Screen Printing Press at speeds up to 4,000 units per hour.

Suitable for a broad range of flexible rectangular substrates including:

Graphic Printing:
- Advertisement posters, packaging boxes/ wraps, book covers, printed arts, stickers, greeting cards, labels/tags, braille, scratch-off lotteries
Industrial Printing:
- Transfers/decals (textile, ceramic, glass, decors…), Automobile/appliance dashboards/panels (2D, 3D IMD/FIM...), Security cards(credit card, ID, bank note…),Nameplates, membrane switches…
Circuit Printing:
- Flexible circuits(carbon/silver…)
Optoelectronic Printing:
- Electroluminescence (electrode, emission layer, dielectric layer, backside electrode…)
Biomedical Printing:
- Health-care test strips(blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol…).
Green Energy Printing:
- Battery electrodes…


3-side open design allows operator access for stack setup.

Substrate centered by pile guides which scale to appropriate dimensions.

Stack height sensor with automatic feed-in control.

Heavy-duty suction pick-up head, blast-air + spring leaf sheet-separation system.

Suction cups with adjustable strength, positioning and height to handle a wide variety of thickness/rigidity in sheet materials, enabling flawless sheet separation pick-up.

Accurate roller type double-sheet detection.

Stream/single-sheet dual mode sheet delivery(synced with SPS® Screen Printing Press), increases productivity.

Control synced with linked SPS Cylinder Press, with further control switch panels near key operation points for operator convenience.

Other options:

Non-stop rods, for pile pallet change during printing on-the-go.

Pre-stacking device, for preparing sheet stock pile on trolley outside, for immediate load-in in place, shorten pile load time.

Servo-driven version, correct sheet slip error.

Sheet cleaning roller device, ensures printing quality.

Anti-static device, eliminates static charge on plastic sheets.

Serismart F automatic format setting system(SPS® Press, Stacker follow along), significantly raises setup speed.