Automatic Glass Panel Screen Printer

with walking beam transport

Specialized screen printing machine suitable for rigid materials utilizing walking beam for high speed production output.


Applications: Automatic screen printer specifically designed for regular and/or irregular shapes, processing rigid materials at high production outputs. The range of non-deforming substrates can vary. Examples are glass, acrylic, metal, wood and many other rigid materials.

Specification Metric Units American Standard Units
Machine dimensions 3440mm x 1320mm x 1900mm 136" x 52" x 75"
Machine weight 1,415 kg 3,120 lbs
Productivity (full stroke full speed) 800 P/H 800 P/H
Maximum substrate weight 7 kg 15.4 lbs
Substrate thickness 2mm to 6mm .08" to .236"
Screen frame height For the convenience of our customers, ATMA prepares all machines sold through RH Solutions
to accept roller, diamond chase, and stretch and glue frames with heights 28mm - 52mm (1.1" - 2").
Air pressure source 6.3-7.7 kg/cm² 90 - 110psi
Air exhaust 118 L/Min 4.2 cfm
Power source 3∮, 220/380V, 50/60Hz 3∮, 220/380V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 4.6kw / 8.75A 4.6kw / 8.75A
Screen vertical movement drive Ball screw rod + hollow shaft reducer Ball screw rod + hollow shaft reducer
Screen stand-by level 60mm 2.36"
Screen cleaning level 270mm 10.6"
Screen vertical movement speed 250mm/sec 9.84"/sec