ATMAPC 710 Four-Post Screen Printer (new G6 version)

ATMAPC 710 Four-Post Screen Printer (new G6 version)

Suitable for precision screen printing on rigid and flexible non-deforming materials flat film / sheet / thin board, such as Mylar Overlay, Nameplate, Poster, Sticker, Decal, Sign, Flexible Circuit, etc.

Fast Setup

Raise productivity with convenient presets for adjustment and function parameters.

Safety Guard

Safety features include safety bars, cycle start/interruption control on foot switch, emergency-stop button, automatic error diagnosis system, and power surge protection. Meets and exceeds all European and US safety requirements.

Rigidity and Precision

Solid and light-weight structure combined with top-class transmission system enable fast operation, silent and stable sliding table, and precise positioning.

Stencil Structure

  • German motor + chain for four-post level positioning controlled by digital touch screen.
  • Equipped with leveling adjustment of screen frame at all four corners of the frame holder to allow fine adjustment of to compensate for mesh tension and to secure mesh parallel with the table surface.
  • Screen frame holder includes registration pin at rear for fast centering.
  • Air supply shutoff with secure lock enables fast and safe screen installation/removal and micro-adjustment.
  • Preset servo peel-off controls when the peel-off position begins and stroke distance according to image size, smooth and stable lifting rate and height required between mesh and substrate. Includes no-peel flood function.

Table Structure

  • German motor + swivel arm drives sliding table in/out along linear guide rail for accurate positioning within ± 0.05 mm.
  • Linear Guide Rail is protected and supported by new high-rigidity aluminum extrusion profile with machined mounting surface for perfectly parallel movement of sliding table.
  • High-strength aluminum alloy table top lamination maintains flatness to within ±0.10mm.
  • Vacuum hole size ψ1.5mm with pitch 20x20mm to ensure that substrate maintains even contact with table top throughout printing cycle.

Printing Structure

  • Fast and precise printing stroke is driven by German hollow shaft motor, which is directly connected the drive pulley for efficient and smooth operation. Touch-screen panel controls precise position, speed, and distance of squeegee/flood coater throughout print cycle.
  • Squeegee / flood coater vertical movement is cylinder-driven with equalizing system for precise, smooth movement with uniform printing pressure to assure even ink deposit onto substrate.
  • Equipped with precise dial gauge micro-adjustment structure for fine-tuning depth, skew-angle, and swivel-angle of squeegee and flood coater
  • Includes highly accurate air pressure adjustment valve and auto equalizing control for squeegee and flood coater.

Electrical System

  • HMI digital color touch panel screen allows 100 preset functions and parameters to be saved and restored for repeat jobs. Once precise quality print output is achieved per job requirements the operator can save process data and records and then recall. This benefit is useful for different substrates and exacting print parameters maintaining high quality standard and facilitates faster changeovers and setup.
  • Safety guard stops machine immediately if normal operation fails or malfunctions. Error message and restart icon are shown on touchscreen.

Safety Device

  • FRL unit with switch for auto pressure detection will automatically interrupt printing if it detects insufficient air pressure.
  • Front safety bar and bilateral side safety bars prevent movement of sliding table, screen frame, and print head if displaced.
  • Screen cleaning button switch is located at rear side of guide rail profile for sliding table, locking machine movement to allow the operator to safely clean the rear side of the screen. Operator can lock out all switches from HMI to ensure that no manual switches can be activated at any time while cleaning underneath the screen.

Special Options

  • Dripless squeegee (swivel type) - squeegee swings onto flood coater to prevent residual ink from dripping onto the mesh and causing uneven ink deposit.
  • Anti-static bar to eliminate static before table moves to printing position.
  • Adhesive paper tape roller removes dust or other particles from substrate as table enters printing section for maximum print quality.
  • Additional gripper take-off and pneumatic registration pins can be added as an option. Please specify at time of order.
Specification Metric Units Unit Conversions
Table size (WxD mm) 950 x 1250 37⅜" x 49¼"
Pneumatic pins 7 pcs (square shaped) 7 pcs (square shaped)
Vacuum area (WxD mm) 760 x 1060 30⅞" x 41½"
Max printing area (WxD mm) 750 x 1050 29½" x 41¼"
Max frame O/D size (WxD mm) 1400 x 1250 55" x 49⅛"
Min frame O/D size (WxD mm) 900 x 900 35⅜" x 35⅜"
Screen frame height For the convenience of our customers, ATMA prepares all machines sold through RH Solutions
to accept roller, diamond chase, and stretch and glue frames with heights 28mm - 52mm (1.1" - 2").
Screen fine adjustment (mm) X/Y = ±10 ; Z = ±2 X/Y = ±⅜" ; Z = ±⅛"
Peel-off height (mm) 25 1"
Peel-off type Preset servo peel-off on touch panel Preset servo peel-off on touch panel
Screen cleaning height (mm) 350 13¾"
Substrate thickness (mm) 0 - 30 ( 3/4 auto : 0 - 4) 0 - 1⅛" ( 3/4 auto : 0 - ⅛")
Working table height (cm) 97 + 3 38¼" + 1⅛"
Print head speed (mm) 50 - 1250 /sec 2" - 49 ¼" /sec
Max. capacity (pcs / hour) 850 P/H (3/4 auto : 780 P/H) 850 P/H (3/4 auto : 780 P/H)
Print head skew angle ±50° ±50°
Pneumatic type gripper 4 pcs 4 pcs
Conveyor speed 360mm/sec 14"/sec
Compressed air source 6.3-7.7 kg/cm² 90 - 110psi
Power source 220/380V, 50/60 Hz 220/380V, 50/60 Hz
Machine dimensions (cm) 194 x 275 x 143 76⅜" x 108¼" x 56¼"
Control panel Touch screen control panel Touch screen control panel