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High Speed Stop Cylinder Press

Top-selling STOP cylinder press in the world

Unrivaled solid construction, ease of operation and immediate return on investment have made SPS® screen printing machines the top-selling STOP cylinder presses in the world.

Based on the Original SPS® STOP Cylinder Principle™, the SPS Vitessa XP combines this sound tradition with advanced operator comfort and the highest running speeds.


Specification XP57/c
Metric Units
US Std Units
Metric Units
US Std Units
Metric Units
US Std Units
Max. sheet size (standard) 550mm x 750mm 22" x 30" 650mm x 900mm 25" x 35" 750mm x 1060mm 29" x 41"
OPTION Max sheet size can be extended to 800mm (31.5")
with max frame width of 1000mm (39.5") on request
Min. sheet size 250mm x 300mm 10" x 12" 280mm x 420mm 11"+17" 280mm x 420mm 11"+17"
Print Frame o/d(Standard) 960mm x 960mm 38" x 38" (see option above) 1070mm x 1160mm 42" x 46" 1140mm x 1280mm 45" x 50"
Print Frame o/d(Optional) 880mm x 880mm 34.5" x 34.5"
(reduces max. print size to 20" x 28")
1250mm x 1320mm 49" x 52"
Cycle Speed max./hr 4500 4000 4000
Option XP1 XP1+ XP2
Original SPS® STOP Cylinder Principle™ standard standard standard
Sheet alignment system for invariable dot-to-dot registration standard standard standard
Swivel-up squeegee bridge and screen carrier (set-up position) standard standard standard
Drop-down delivery belt segment (for cleaning and set-up) standard standard standard
Leveled-off protected gripper recess with minimum off-contact standard standard standard
Polished stainless-steel vacuum cylinder in micrometric precision, with blow-back standard standard standard
Individually spring-loaded sheet grippers with ejectors in the cylinder standard standard standard
Opto-electronic sheet lay stop and pass detection: infeed, front and side lays, delivery standard standard standard
Rear pick-up stream & single sheet feeder SPS® SF with vacuum infeed table standard standard standard
Offset type TP feeder head, independent pick-up and forward suckers; sheet skew standard standard standard
centralized side guide positioning, externally accessible standard standard standard
Vacuum side guides, pulling motion mechanically driven standard standard standard
Sheet delivery with vacuum hold-down and solvent vapor extraction standard standard standard
3-point screen adjustment, central B-side position, pneumatic lock-in standard standard standard
Screen carrier with pneumatic frame clamping, pre-registration possible standard standard standard
SPS® PEH squeegee unit with central pressure control and read-out standard standard standard
Horizontal squeegee bridge adjustment (”top position”) standard standard standard
Digital squeegee set-point control, adjustable gripper margin standard standard standard
Operator panel with all main functions in central B side position standard standard standard
Microprocessor controller (PLC) standard standard standard
Integrated modem for on-line service data transfer standard standard standard
True size scales / gauges for all format adjustments standard standard standard
Central grease lubrication with automatic feeding and level detection standard standard standard
Stainless steel machine paneling standard standard standard
Single sheet front pick-up feeder SPS® FP optional optional optional
Compressed air nozzles for enhanced sheet separation from pile optional optional optional
Anti-static device (discharge electrodes + optional blast air valves) optional optional optional
Anti-static upgrade package for industrial applications optional optional optional
Sheet cleaning device, integrated in the feeder belt table (various types) optional optional optional
Additional push mode on side guides, convertible optional optional optional
Rear pick-up stream & single sheet feeder SPS EP with vacuum infeed table optional optional optional
Rear pick-up stream & single sheet feeder SPS EP with vacuum infeed table optional optional optional
Adjustable sheet deflector guides in the delivery section optional optional optional
SPS® synchroline package with synchronized sheet delivery optional optional optional
Reduction gear: slowed-down sheet approach to front stops (standard w. front pick-up) optional optional optional
Motorized squeegee set-down with SPS® autoset height leveling optional optional optional
SPS® C05 squeegee blade system & pneumatic holder (RKS), w. angle adjustment optional optional optional
Pneumatic quick clamping of flood coater optional optional optional
(UV)varnishing equipment package (drip protection, control program) optional optional optional
Mechanical print length compensation (adjustment to fit) optional optional optional
Pneumatic tilting of screen carrier (for cleaning and set-up) optional optional optional
GS operator safety package: light barriers with controlled overrun function optional optional optional
Non-stop facility on EP feeder (push-in rods) not available optional optional
Pre-stacking frame at EP feeder, with roller skid boards / base plates not available optional optional