TY-1200GL Curve Screen Printer

TY-1200GL Curve Screen Printer

Suitable for curved surface printing on any cylindrical, conical or oval shaped substrate such as buckets, bottles, cans, appliance casing and much more.

Patented shock absorber

Excellent closed chamber shock eliminate absorb the running shock from print head efficiently.

Fast screen alignment

Cross base + frame micro adjust structures provide fast & easy screen registering.

Air Blowing center

Blowing center provides compressed air to hard soft substrate for printing.

Synchronized driving structure

Gear rack drives gear & fixture synchronously to ensure the accuracy of registering.

Cone substrate printing

Excellent micro screw adjustment is suitable for substrate with cone shape printing.

Convenient Operating

CPU controller provides multi functions for convenient operating.

Optional equipment

Gear & curve fixture manufacture.

Specification TY-1200GL Metric TY-1200GL Unit Conversions
Weight 340kg 750 lb
Dimension (cm) 167x95x177 65¾"x37⅜"x69¾"
Frame Size (O/D, D x W / mm) 500x1500mm 19¾"x59"
Screen frame height 26mm to 54mm 1.02" to 2.12"
Screen frame height option RH SOLUTIONS can arrange to have screen frame holder prepared for
roller, diamond chase, and stretch and glue frames 28 – 54 mm (1.1” – 2.12”).
Productivity 300-750 passes/hour(non-stop full speed full stroke) 300-750 passes/hour(non-stop full speed full stroke)
POWER SOURCE 1∮,110V/220V,50/60Hz 1∮,110V/220V,50/60Hz
COMPRESSED AIR SOURCE 5-6kg/cm² 71-85psi
AIR CONSUMPTION (L/cycle.) 3.9 L/cycle 1 gal/cycle